Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #76

She decided one day that it would be a good idea to carry around Daddy's backpack and was very proud of herself.

Playing with playdough.  Look at that masterpiece of an octopus I made for her (the hat was Catie's addition)

Licking the beaters again.  I loved all the dough on her nose, and she was smiling for the camera.

I had a doctors appointment this day and there's this really fun looking park right beside the office but it hasn't ever been warm enough to go.  Today is was beautiful so we headed over and they had these cool blue tubes to climb through.

I didn't want to pay for parking after already paying at the doctor so we just risked it, the parking official that drove by while we were playing scared me off so we headed to a different park.  This one had a fun climbing wall.

Daddy and Catie play this awesome game right now where she sits on the arm of the couch and Brad sits in the office chair right beside her.  Her blows on her and she falls backwards laughing hysterically.  Then she climbs up and blows Brad over, it's awesome to watch.