Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Catie Wore #73

I just could not get up the effort to put this post together yesterday so it'll have to be a day late.  I actually have a ton of photos this week because we went to Calaway Park.  We bought memberships this year so this will be the first of many pictures to come.

We also spent some time at Grandma's house.  We told her it was lunch time and this is how she showed up to the table.

Then she discovered cousin Riley's baseball helmet.

Just about every Sunday this is how Catie and Daddy eat breakfast.  For some reason she never wants to share Mommy's cereal, only Daddy's.

It's far more difficult than it looks but how can you resist when she says, "I help you!"  It's usually not long after that she declares she needs her own spoon and runs over to the drawer to get one.

I went to get her after her nap the other day and she looked like this.  "I got bunny ears!"
(We've been watching a lot of Max & Ruby).

Then the next morning she wanted to go out on the balcony but it was cold so she put together some "warm" clothes.  Mommy's flip flops, Daddy's gloves and her "bunny ears"

Allright, here come the Calaway Park goodies.

They started on a spinny balloon ride, after it was over Bryn declared, "I didn't have a good time".  She held Brad's hand and had little tears during the entire ride but warmed up to the rest of the rides nicely.

Waiting for the carousel.

This was easily Gwen's favourite ride and I foresee a lot of carousel rides in our summer.

Piloting a plane.  I love that she's tall enough this year to ride a bunch of rides by herself.  She loved to pull the lever and go up and down.

I was excited for them to go on this swinging ride, I thought they'd love it but it turned out to be super boring.  Catie said, "Go fast!" but it really never did.   I think we'll be skipping this one in the future.  She looks really unimpressed hey?  Oh wait, she was crying because she had to stop eating popcorn long enough to ride a ride.

Riding an egg with Daddy.