Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Day Re-Cap

I try not to boast too much on here about just how awesome my husband is because I think it's not fair to the rest of you but I'm going to take this opportunity to brag a little.

I really do think I married the nicest, most considerate man on Earth.  He's always so thoughtful of me and my feelings that I honestly feel like I don't need a special day where he's extra nice, because he's always extra nice.  In our house Mother's Day and Father's Day are low key, we give each other gifts but nothing big or expensive.  Last year Brad gave me some new pink pins to sew with and it was such a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that I thought I'd get the same this year, boy did he outdo himself.

Being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we don't shop on Sunday so on Saturday night he came home with the most beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses and a huge bottle of tums (I've reached the phase where just about everything gives me heartburn).  I figured he'd add some pins on Sunday and I'd be one lucky lady.  Sunday morning though he said he needed to run down to the car to get my gift and that it was awkward to wrap so I shouldn't expect any wrapping.  Pins are real easy to wrap so I was intrigued.

Now let's back up a bit and I'll give you some back story.  About two years ago I went to Great Falls with my Mom and on my list of shopping items to pick up was a new large purse that could act as a diaper bag.  Catie wasn't very old yet and our current diaper bag was not even a little bit stylish.  I found this awesome yellow purse that was exactly the right size and just what I wanted and even better it was 70% off.  I used the purse for a while and loved it every time until one of the grommets from the handle fell off and I looked down one day and one of the straps was hanging on by a couple of threads.  I stopped using it always meaning to get it fixed but two years later it was still smashed in a bag with other things waiting to be repaired I and I was back to using a too small purse or a really ugly diaper bag.

Imagine my surprise when Brad walked in with my perfect yellow purse, fixed!  The best part is he told me it only cost $10 to fix, perfect for our financial situation.  My favourite part of this gift is that every time I use it I'll think of just how thoughtful he is.

To top off the day I got flowers at church and Catie coloured me the cutest construction paper flower with a sucker stuck in the centre.  She was so excited to give it to me but I particularly liked later in the day when she asked me to open the sucker so she could eat it :)  

After church we headed over to the park and then had easy left overs for dinner.  I think it was the perfect day, I'm so blessed to have the perfect family for me.