Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Blanket for Mr. Brown

It's been a while since I've talked about him here so let me tell you about Mr. Brown.  He shows up in lots of our pictures because he's very important to us.

When Catie was much, much younger she had this bear that she loved and would take to bed but he was cheap and gross and his hair fell out and I hated him so before she was too attached we took her to the store to replace it.  Brad and I really wanted her to choose and interesting animal and we found her an adorable pink pig that we thought was perfect.  We handed it to her and she didn't care one little bit about it.  She instead chose a brown bear, that while cute is kind of ordinary.  We bought the pig too hoping one day she'd love it and I don't think she's ever looked at it twice.

Mr. Brown and her were immediate best friends.  When we're coming home after being out he's the first thing she looks for and I wouldn't even bother attempting bed time without him.  She talks to him and laughs with him and he kisses owies better.  She gives him cookies and she sets a place at the table for him at dinner time.  She loves him more than I can describe.

One day she started carrying around a "blanket" for Brown and carefully covering him and it was adorable but so sad at the same time.  The blanket she chose to use was a tiny blue glasses cleaning cloth that would maybe cover his torso.  She used it for months and one day I just couldn't stand to let her use that pathetic blanket any longer so I made him his very own little Faux Chennile blanket.  I know, it sounds crazy to put so much effort into a blanket for a bear but I had leftover flannel from the pink chenille blanket that I made for her baby sister and Catie loved that blanket while I was making it, I figured she'd love to have her own.  It really didn't take long and I only used scraps so it was free.  I used two layers of flannel, one layer of brown and the purple fabric on top.  The binding may not match the best but since it's for a bear I figured he'd be okay with it.

So now the photos.

And let me give you a size comparison between the pathetic cloth she used to use and what she has now.

And here's Mr. Brown all wrapped up and cozy, modelling his new blanket.

See those giant tears threatening to spill?  She was not happy when I took Brown to take some photos.  This blanket has been finished for a while now but I've been putting off photographing it for that very reason.  I decided why fight it and just let her hold him.

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She is absolutely gorgeous...what a cute story. The blanket looks perfect for him ;)