Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Old Navy:

At Christmas, as is tradition in our family I was given some clothing money.  This clothing money is important as my husband and I are in a tight financial situation, I don't purchase clothing lightly these days as it's not in our budget.  I was in desperate need of some jeans so I headed over to Old Navy and bought a pair of your Sweetheart style jeans.  I was thrilled with my purchase.  Sadly I enjoyed them for a mere couple of days before the jeans became saggy, loose, baggy and unflattering.  Not to be deterred I washed them and they returned to their former shape.  I was pleased and again wore them only this time the sagging started in much sooner.  It's now only February and these jeans are unwearable.  Their original shape lasts for about 10 minutes before the stretch of the jeans makes them far too big.  I understand that jeans with stretch are going to loosen up a bit but the amount these jeans has stretched is unbelievable.  I recently went to a different store and bought a replacement pair of jeans but I remain angry and disappointed in the poor quality of my former pair.  A simple note on the jeans explaining the amount of stretch could have solved this problem, I would have bought a smaller size.

I have since heard this complain from others and I thought you should be aware of my discontent and also informed that I won't buy jeans from Old Navy anymore.

Thank you for your time
Laura Wiebe


Mitz said...

Did you actually send this? I want to add to it too, the maternity jeans have the exact same problem and I refuse to wear my 2 brand new pairs! Ugh.

Jenn said...

I have had that problem with Old Navy jeans and jeans from Warehouse One. Not as bad with Warehouse one, I buy a size smaller and squeeze into them in the morning and an hour later they fit fine!!

Unknown said...

I did send it. The response was dissapointing though. I'll post it soon so you can read it.

Julie Lewis said...

This is actually quite helpful. I mean it totally sucks but at least now I know not to buy their jeans. I was actually considering purchasing a pair of the Sweethearts as I really like my Sweetheart cords from there. At least your experience helped me not waste my money there (small comfort, I know).

Jane said...

Amen Laura! I had the same problem.