Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headband Accessory

While out shopping with Michelle yesterday I found this really cute headband.
I was excited about it and when I got home I pulled it out of the packaging only to discover that apparently I have a huge head.  The headband portion is just an elastic and there's no way it was going to stay on my head.

After being inspired by all the crafty blogs I've started to read I knew just what to do.  I headed over to my trusty dollar store, picked up a plain black headband.  I snipped off the elastic of the headband and glued it on to my new dollar store one.  It worked perfectly and I now have this cute accessory.


Mitz said...

Ok that is way cute, it worked out so well! I think I have to go back and get myself one, just to take it apart! Looks great!