Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Angry

Dear Apple:

My husband and I have been long time iTunes users.  We have both owned iPods and have been very pleased with them never having experienced a problem.

Recently we both made the switch to iPhones and again have been very pleased.  This switch was made shortly before my husband’s birthday so he requested gift cards to iTunes.  He received $90 in iTunes gift cards and was excited about all the new apps he could buy.  It was only after our credit card was charged that we discovered that iPhone applications cannot be purchased with gift cards through the Canadian iTunes store.

We are incredibly angry over this discovery.  We do not purchase music or movies through iTunes and we have no desire to but we now own $90 in gift cards that we won’t use.  It isn’t clear anywhere on the cards that applications can’t be purchased with them though it does state that they are only valid in Canada so we can’t even sell them to someone in the US.

To not include this information on the cards is dishonest and I’m sure I’m not alone in this complaint.  It gives me serious doubts about the way Apple runs it’s business.



Jenn said...

I hope you sent this to apple. You should demand a refund. That is wrong!!