Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Things

  1. I've decided to put off the button hole project.  I was frustrated.  Michelle has a fancy digital sewing machine so my new plan is to go to her house and use her machine to make beautiful button holes.  I suppose I should clear that with her first hey?
  2. I have this problem with pajama pants and without fail they are always too short for me.  Even when I think I found a long enough pair in a couple months they end up being too short.  After all my successful sewing lately I feel like I can do anything so I went and bought some fabric and a pattern to make my own pants (did you know you can buy $17.99 patterns for pajama pants?  I went with the $1.99 option instead).  I cut the fabric out and was all ready to sew, step one... sew a button hole.  So now I have two projects on hold.


KD said...

Bahaha thats funny!

Unknown said...

Gotta love when thats the first step

Mitz said...

Of course you can come use my machine! I should have offered that in the first place. I'm warning you I've never done one on my machine before so we'll learn together.