Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 9 & 10

These are my last two pages.  Once I posted about them it seems like so few but you can probably imagine that it's a pretty fat book so I think I'll leave things here.  the mailbox page has the flag that stands up and the mailbox opens up and has a letter inside.  Eventually I'll write some sort of message on it.  Jill wrote, "To Oscar, Mommy Loves You".  I'll probably do the same.

 The next page is my variation of the standard book that you lace up.  I didn't want to have to buy the gromet things to make holes for the laces so instead I created this dress that you tie the bow.  I know it's not the same but it was quick to put together and I think it's cute.

I'm also working on a Scripture stories quiet book that is turning out even better than I had imagined.  I've already completed Lehi's Vision, Ammon cutting off the arms to protect the sheep and putting on the Armour of God.  I'll post pictures of those pages when I complete them but until now you'll just have to use your imagination.


Unknown said...

love it Laura! I was wondering how you are putting it together? and did you use felt for the whole thing? or is that flannel?

Unknown said...

The pages are cotton but everything else is felt. I haven't sewn any pages together yer but I'm going to put felt inside the pages to make them sturdier. To combine the pages I'm going to make button holes in the right margin and then use metal rings, the kind that clip together. I've never done button holes so it could be interesting. The back cover is going to include a pocket for any pieces that don't get put back.

Cranberry Morning said...

Laura, this is absolutely amazing! What a great way to help a child sit still or at least encourage them to be quiet, yet busy! Perfect!