Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 5 & 6

This barn page was so much fun to put together, I loved how the finger puppets turned out and the barn itself.  I don't know how Jill came up with so many awesome ideas but I'm grateful for them. 

I made a cute little cow puppet too but he got lost.  Take it from me, when you go outside to use the sidewalk to pound in your grommets take out all the little pieces if it's windy.

The paperdoll page has a pocket underneath her name to store all the clothes and there are jeans, two shirts a skirt and a dress.


Amanda said...

I love this quiet book you are making! You're so talented!!

Nikki said...

I love how you added a windmill to your Barn page! It really gives it an extra something. I took your idea and added one to mine as well, except I made it a pinwheel that the kids can pull out and play with! Here's a link to my blog entry if you would like to see it :)