Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 3 & 4

The goldfish was the first page I completely finished and it turned out so well that it encouraged me to continue on to the following pages.  The fish velcro off and on.

Above Catie's name are the embroidered words, "My Name Is" and then the letters of her name button off an on.  As a not very experienced sewer this page was my first introduction to the really tight zig zag stitch and it turned out better than I thought.  The only thing that could have made it easier was using new thread.  I've been lucky and have been able to borrow my Mom's supply of thread so I didn't have a buy a bunch of colours but her supply is actually her Mother's old supply so the thread is probably all 20 years old meaning it's really, really curly.  Occasionally the curl becomes too much for my machine and a re-thread is necessary.  The inconvenience has been worth the money saving though and it all worked out in the end (the "M" seems to have disappeared).