Friday, February 12, 2010

Quiet Book, Page 7 & 8

At this point in the process I was starting to feel a little more confidant in my abilities and I started to branch out a bit (and I mean a tiny bit) from Jill's designs. 

Jill had included a tent that zipped with a bear in it, I added mesh windows (out of a dollar store laundry bag) and I created my own bear and fire (the marshmallow is stuffed with a tiny bit of batting).

The stoplight is certainly nothing special but it's a fun colour matching page.


love bug momma said...

Could you please tell me about your actual pages in your quiet book?? What material are they? How do you bind them together?? Thank you.... I'd really like to make some, but get hung up on the method. Pellon, fabric, felt.... I don't know... thank you for any info! Love your work.

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