Saturday, February 27, 2010

About Poop (sorry)

A couple weeks ago my brother gave me a stain remover from a company he works for.  I'm pretty sure this stain remover is just peroxide and water and when I took it I kind of thought it was silly and didn't give it much thought.  He raved about it but I sort of only took it just to be nice.

Skip forward to the present... Catie has some sort of stomach thing going on and every single poop results in a blowout even worse than the last (we're lucky and there's usually only 1-2 poops a day).  There's no catching it in time because even if you jump up when it happens and rush to change her it's too late.  One more important element to this story.  When I dress Catie I always put a nice white onesie on her first.  I hated when I would pick her up and her shirt would slide to her armpits and she'd be flashing her belly so to solve this problem I started the layering.  I have a bunch of white Carter's onesies that she wears every day and I love them.

You can imagine what a crisp white onesie looks like after a really horrible blowout.  I take them off and rinse them well and then I take them and spray them with this peroxide stuff thinking in my head, "Well this one's a goner", and then I toss them in the next load of laundry.   I've repeated this process at least 6 or 7 times now and to my surprise not a single one of them has so much as a spot on them.  I just triple checked to make sure I had the right onesie because there was no way it wasn't stained but somehow it's still sparkly white.

Thank you peroxide, thank you Rob.


Unknown said...

I want to know the name of the miracle cleaner...I hate stains on the clothes and with 3 there is always one outfit that is stained a day

Julie Lewis said...

I'm with Michelle. How can you post this and not give us the name of the product so we too can enjoy it?