Monday, February 22, 2010

Button Hole

As I work on these craft projects it's been interesting to see just exactly where my sewing experience starts and stops.  I haven't sewed a lot, my skills come from Home Economics and some projects with my Mom.  I've made pajama pants, some decorative table squares and even a skirt once (with lots of help).  I can follow a basic pattern and it turns out I'm pretty decent at sewing on little intricate pieces.  My biggest weakness so far seems to have come in the form of a button hole.  My first attempt was laughable and even my 8th attempt wasn't great but at least it's starting to look like a button hole.  I'll practice a bit more before I attempt on the real fabric and hopefully I'll eventually end up with something I can be proud of.


Mitz said...

Hahhaa! I really liked this.

Jenn said...

How did you get those on here? Did you scan them?
I don't think I can do a button hole anymore, either!

Unknown said...

I took a picture of them and then I used Photoshop to piece them together. I can do computer stuff much better than sewing stuff.